Logos Center


Logos Center opens door of beauty, health and enjoyment. Whichever of our treatments you choose, you choose the natural ones, because the experts of the Logos Center use products produced from organically grown plants in their work.
Not only will the treatment take care of your skin, but it will also relieve stress and at the same time it will enhance your body and spirit.

Little joys are like spices - they cannot feed us, but without diversity of their tastes, we are left to ordinary life!

At your disposal there are a plethora of facial treatments which suits different types of skin. Besides facial treatments, cosmetics center offers several types of massages and depilation.
If you are not quite sure what treatment would be the most appropriate for you, experts from Logos center can help.  Beauticians from Logos center will determine the type and condition of your skin, and accordingly recommend adequate treatment.


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